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Get Your Ass To Mars, GameShell edition

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

This project is for the GameShell 2019 Game Jam
The game has been integrated into Elefas' GSP main platform already so it can be deployed by simply moving to the current version of GSP. 

Install guide for Clockwork OS v0.3

  1. SSH to the gameshell as cpi
  2. cd ~/games/GSP 
  3. git pull
  4. exit
  5. Play! 

Launch "Indie Games" on the GameShell, then go to GSP. GYATM will be right there in the menu at the bottom.

Web version at: https://www.indieimprint.com/web-games/GYATM-GameShell/ (use the arrow keys to move around on the web version, they're mapped as the d-pad on the GameShell)

Let us know if there are any issues, either on discord, or in the forums. 

If you like this game, check out the larger-scale multi-platform version: GYATM - Dragon Edition 

Development log


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Fun game on the web. TINY! Saw it pop up on Twitter and had to come take a look. I don't have a Game Shell, maybe it has a little screen?

Looking forward to the big version coming out. 


Yes, the screen on the GameShell is 320x240px. You'll be happy to know the Dragon Edition supports up to 4K.


I've been watching the dev blog with interest.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! It's nice to feel like we're not simply talking to the void.


I love this game on GameShell, and I'm looking forward to seeing it on PC (particularly Linux!) as GYATM: Dragon Edition. While the GameShell version is really simple and quick to play, it's just great fun and adorable.