GYATM Beta 1

New Beta gameplay trailer is up:


Beta 1 has a lot of little tweaks, mostly to the video (no more screen corruption!).

Loads of bugfixes, addition of Spanish localization (about 50% done) and finalization of Norwegian localization. UI adjustments for clarity based on feedback. Some timing adjustments based on feedback. The tutorial is a bit longer - again, based on feedback.

Some minor bugs still exist, but this one is a fully playable beta with a complete beginning, middle and end, that even performs pretty well on all of our reference platforms. Linux and Windows are both coming along well, the new Steam store is being set up, and there's discussion of a possible open beta coming up. Probably some time next month.


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You know I'm ready for that beta, send it right on over!


Sure - ping us on twitter @indieimprint and I'll send you a link for the beta