Mobile Progress and Gameplay

Finally sorted out the landscape collision issues on mobile. Well, largely skirted them, to be honest, we simply create the new structures at the same Z ref as the player, give or take a little bit. It's not perfect, but it will do for now.

The new assets are hooked up, so the pre-alpha testers can now build mines, refineries, residential domes, and power plants. The mines and power plants even work properly (finally). FPS is still 40+ on the reference S8 in the dev build, 50+ in a shipping build.

Lots of plot and text details have been written, but are yet to be accessible to the player. The goal for the upcoming week is primarily engine work, followed by getting the in-game menus up and working.


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How does one join this test team? Asking for a friend.

Who is me.

Ok, asking for me. I want to test this on Linux!


Ha! We're not ready for any serious testing on Linux quite yet. If you drop us a line on Twitter when you see the Linux testing posts, we'll send you an invite.