Linux Pre-Alpha 1 away!

This week we hit a number of key milestones:

 Linux alpha testing begins, Android Pre-Alpha 4

  • Dialog and help systems POC
  • Mobile landscape collision forked and sorted
  • Soundtrack and sound effects POC
  • Refinery unit works
  • Settings Screen POC (just 2 settings at the moment - high/low graphics mode)

There are a few more key bits that need to be done prior to the big Alpha milestone, but I believe we're on pace to reach Alpha 1 by May 3rd.

Outstanding pieces for Alpha: Research, Additional Maps, Splash Screen, Save/Load.

Bugs fixed:

  • Dome Trebuchet - the player no longer gets launched off the map if too close to a dome being built
  • Help Just Out of Reach - the help icons are no longer sitting way above the player, accessible only by jumping
  • Infinite Resources - pressing 'esc' no longer produces resources until the game crashes
  • It Needs to Be at Least Three Times This Size - low-end landscape texture is now scaled properly
  • Power Hungry - the power plant no longer consumes ALL the dilithium every turn
  • It's More of a Theory  - no more free energy production from refineries


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Ok I guess I will keep waiting


It's coming, don't worry! We're still very much on track for a November/December release.



Thanks! We also posted a new gameplay trailer to give people a better feel.