Ready for Alpha?

Oh, the woes of using a plug-in. I thought "hey, I'll use a save game plug-in, that'll save all sorts of time".


So after the plugin (which promised compatibility on every single platform) failed to deliver even the ability to *package* for Linux, didn't work on Android, and cost us 3 days of troubleshooting was removed, I had to take over and design a whole new save system. Yay.

Upside, the minimap worked perfectly, and with some tweaking through alpha, should do the trick. Time saved there.

We now have proper load screens, the ability to control basic stuff like resolutions with a friendly pause screen, and save/load functionality that really works. It's a start. The research dome works nicely, which unlocks the second piece of the world (the hard part!) and we even secured rights to a soundtrack for the second level. I hunted down and killed a few other weird bugs that we found, including an unforeseen hunger for resources due to a weird loop bug.  Lots of work to do on the second level through Alpha, but that's ok. The tech all exists now.

Bug fixes:

  •  Corpses are no longer frisky
  • Air refills the whole time you're in range
  • Sped up the mining animation
  • Autosave works
  • Changing from high to low settings no longer resets all progress
  • Fixed the mysterious resource drain
  • Research works
  • Soundtrack dips for vocals
  • One bug that was just too much fun to fix - we'll get it in Alpha.

We're ready for Alpha!

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